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5000 Temporary Personalized Tattoos from Tattoo4days at the Montreux Jazz Festival

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The Montreux Jazz Festival started on June 28th and we expect two crazy weeks! We have partnered with to provide 5000 custom temporary tattoos for the only Silent Disco you shouldn't miss, this Friday July 5th from 11pm to 3am - all participants will receive two free temporary tattoos.

For those who don't want to miss it, helmets are available from 6pm at the Cadet Bar in Vernex Park.

In this post, we wanted to reveal this scoop to you and explain why personalized tattoos are the ultimate event marketing tool. We will also offer you some tips on how you can use custom temporary tattoos to create a buzz and leave a lasting impression around you.

Why are personalized tattoos the best event marketing tool?

If you are curious to discover Konbini's Silent Disco, here is the offer: 1 park, 3 canals and 2000 headphones. All participants will enjoy the hottest electro and hip-hop sets from renowned artists such as DJ Drin, La Patate Douce, and many others. And will receive two free temporary personalized tattoos specially designed for this major event! Why? Why? Because custom temporary tattooing is perfect for events such as music festivals. They are fully customizable, cool and can create a shared sense of identity among participants. In other words, it is the event marketing tool par excellence!

If you are looking for a current way to really cool to stand out from the competition or simply to associate your company's identity with a current object, temporary tattoos are unbeatable. They can take a multitude of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for representing images, text or logos. Imagine your event logo on the skin of all your guests with stunning details or a unique image. Tattoos help to put everyone in the mood of the party!

What type of personalized tattoos for what event?

Do you like the sound too? What we are doing here with the Konbini brand is to share with the guests a positive, lasting and socially strong impression with an ephemeral product, offered free of charge and that everyone will share directly with friends or on social networks with posts from their photos, as an organic tag that will attest to their unequivocal participation in this exceptional event. We will be happy to give you advice and support you on how to use temporary tattoos to spark the interest of your company, your events or your brand.

A tattoo for festivals

If you are a festival organizer, creating a temporary tattoo personalized with your event name and logo is a win-win marketing idea. For example, you could ask participants to display their tattoos in plain sight and then it could be used as a sesame for specific accesses and help your reception staff to identify guests. It will also create a real buzz and allow everyone to immerse themselves in the spirit of the festival.

A tattoo for team building events

If you are organizing an outdoor day or team-building event, temporary tattoos can help foster team spirit, teamwork and cooperation. You can design your tattoos with your company name and logo or a motivational message that inspires your staff. Give them to your employees to wear: there's nothing cooler than having everyone wearing the same design!

A tattoo for sporting and cultural events

Temporary tattoos are perfect for clubs and societies, especially if you are organizing a sporting event or a show. You will be able to generate excitement and create a real group cohesion with an original tattoo design. Whether everyone wears them on their forearms or even around their necks, your event will make your event a sense of common identification in the minds of participants!

A tattoo for a trade show

If you run a booth at a trade show, distributing your own personalized temporary tattoos is a great way to attract the attention of visitors. Temporary personalized tattoos are a fun and cool way to let people know who you are and what you're doing. They are also a creative way to draw attention to something your company needs to celebrate; you can mark an anniversary or celebrate the achievement of a milestone such as the number of products you have sold. In addition, tattoos help to raise awareness among existing and potential customers and to convey your company's message. Easy to distribute and simple to apply, you can distribute temporary tattoos printed to measure with tickets, flyers, your products, or as part of a specific event.

How to create a buzz with personalized tattoos

Whether you are organizing a festival or a trade show, the best way to create a buzz with temporary tattoos is to organize a contest! For a big event, you can encourage participants to share their tattoo photos, videos or social media stories with a hashtag of the event. You can choose the winner based on the highest level of interaction (tastes, sharing, comments). This will help increase awareness and give you multiple opportunities to share your own tattoos.

How to create and order a custom tattoo for your business

Tattoos are perfect for events such as music festivals, trade shows, parties, training days and even weddings. To start, simply share your ideas, dates of events and projects with us. If you don't have a ready-made design yet, let our expert designers create one for you! We will ask you to validate the final concept, choose the type of ink and the number of tattoos you want to acquire. From then on you will receive your personalized temporary tattoos at home within a maximum of two weeks.

Would you like to know more about it?

Custom temporary tattoos are made from non-toxic materials that meet the highest safety standards in the EU and the United States. They last a few days and can leave a lasting impression on people's minds long after they have disappeared. So, whether you have something to celebrate or are organizing an event

don't hesitate to contact us !
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