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5 secrets to shine at each celebration

ParSophie 3 Semaines auparavant
From funky arm art to flashy metallic masterpieces, we’ll show you how to dazzle at any event. At nightclubs, galas, and weddings, more and more people are making a mark with fake ink and temporary tattoos. From...

Temporary Tattoos The New Spring Fashion

ParSophie 1 Mois auparavant
Spring is in the air and that means the shedding of winter and its clothes. Gone are the heavy jackets and pants. The sun is out and the clouds have drifted away. The world is ripe and it’s time to show some skin!...

Launch of Tattoo4days

ParSophie 1 Mois auparavant
The long wait is over, we are very happy to announce the launch of Tattoo4days



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